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Ghost editor uses Georgia font, which does not support some languages other than English and some devices do not support it natively. As a result, some bloggers will choose to write on an external application and copy and paste into ghost editor.

Injecting CSS in site headers and site footers cannot change ghost editor fonts, since they only appear on the frontend, not on the backend.

As well, you cannot mess with ghost core, which can break your site and take down your ghost instance on the server.

There's a simple and safe way to change the ghost editor.

Here's how.


Only Chromium-based desktop and browsers such as Chrome, Edge, etc can use this technique.

Ghost new editor beta must be enabled. Why is that?

Enable new ghost editor

Actually, it works perfectly on the old editor, but I think we should implement it on the new Lexical editor now. There are a few minor bugs in the beta editor, but it is still stable enough to use at the moment.

Load external CSS stylesheet by Chrome Extension

We will change ghost editor's font by loading an external CSS stylesheet by a Chrome extension that runs only on your Chrome desktop, not your theme or ghost configuration.

Anytime you want, you can modify or remove it safely and easily.

Install the official Chrome Web Store extension Super CSS Inject.

Super CSS Inject
Keep multiple stylesheets ready to inject and change on the fly!

Install Super CSS Inject - Chrome extension

Here is the URL for the external CSS file after Super CSS Inject installation.

Inter font

Add external CSS stylesheet on Super CSS Inject extension
Add external CSS stylesheet on Super CSS Inject extension

My link is safe to use, but you can make your own. Here's what the code inside the file looks like

.koenig-lexical .kg-prose :where(p,blockquote,aside,ul,ol):not(:where(.not-kg-prose,[class~="not-kg-prose"] *)) {
    font-family: Inter, serif;

In case you need another font, you can add the URL below

Mulish Font

@import url('');
.koenig-lexical .kg-prose :where(p,blockquote,aside,ul,ol):not(:where(.not-kg-prose,[class~="not-kg-prose"] *)) {
    font-family: 'Mulish', serif;

It is easy to create your own URL file with Google Fonts and change any font you like.

Browse Fonts - Google Fonts
Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography

How to use Super CSS Inject

The first step is to pin the extension to the Chrome Tab Bar so that you can click conveniently.

While using the ghosteditor, you click on the Super CSS Inject extensionand activate.

Click to activate
Click to activate

The URL will be remembered, so you can exit and return at any time.

When you make a new post, you have to click it again for it to remember the URL.

Here's what we got

Default Georgia Font at ghost editor
Inter Font at ghost editor

As I posted on Beta Feedback, I hope the Ghost team will permanently change Ghost Editor to Inter font so we won't need this extension in the future.

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