ghostFam opens a Free Happy Guest Post service on its website. You can share your expertise, build your personal brand and make direct profits from each of your quality articles.

Each article posted on our website will be moderated before posting according to the following quality standards and basic principles:

How to use Happy Guest Post service?

1. Submit application
2. Receive account
3. Write post
4. Admin notice completed

After you submit your application, you will wait for a response from ghostFam notifying you to receive your Happy Guest Post author account.

ghostFam has the right to refuse or contact you further if the information you provide is insufficient or needs further verification.
If you are a ghostFam customer, creating a Happy Guest Post account will happen automatically, with no additional authentication required. This is one of the benefits of using ghostFam's services.

This is a mandatory moderation step, to protect readers and other guest post authors. We appreciate your patience and understand that there can be minor flaws in this process. Thank you for your understanding!

You will receive login information to start writing articles as follows:

Happy Guest Post account login interface

You click the button Write a new postand start writing. When finished, you save it, send a complete message here to ghostFam to censor and post your article.

You can message with the following syntax:

Publish <Article Title> - <Your name>

Frequently asked questions

What topics does ghostFam accept?

In addition to the topics that ghostFam is writing about, you can absolutely choose a topic of your own as long as the content is relevant to ghostFam's readers, for example:
- Freelancer writing
- Writing newsletters
- Email marketing
- Stories start a business

Can I insert affiliate links into articles?

It's completely fine as long as the content of your article is valuable. ghostFam built the Happy Guest Post portal to help new bloggers create a playground and the opportunity to earn more income from affiliate marketing articles.

How do I know my article is quality?

Valuable content articles will have over 2000 words and ideally 3000 words, the content is original. Almost every article sharing your story will be considered a quality article.

Is SEO a problem?

Absolutely not. To make it easier for you to publish, SEO is not an issue, you can write whatever you want. Of course, knowing SEO is an advantage because your article traffic will definitely be better.

Can I re-post articles to my site?

Totally fine with ghostFam alone. This is your intellectual property and it should be. I will support you how to re-post on your site with canonical, which will not affect the SEO of the article you post on ghostFam.

If my article does not meet the required quality ghostFam?

You will be given reasons by ghostFam and support you with points to improve such as title, description,...

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