At ghostFam, I respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your information. Do not share or use your information for commercial or other purposes without your consent.

What types of data ghostFam collects and how it is collected

The information ghostFam collects from your membership registration includes:

  1. Your name (if applicable)
  2. Your registration email
  3. Your ghostFam login or logout information
  4. Information you receive emails, open emails and click links from ghostFam emails
  5. Your geolocation information is such as Vietnam, USA,...
  6. Information you see specific articles on ghostFam
  7. Your profile picture according to Gravatar that you set up with your registered email
The membership information that ghost CMS hosts
The membership information that ghost CMS hosts

ghostFam commits to only use Cloudflare Analytics and Umami to collect anonymous data from readers, not to use any other tracking software such as Google Analytics,... so all your information is private and secure.

How ghostFam uses the data collected

ghostFam uses your email information and name to send emails notifying you of the latest articles from ghostFam. Don't post ads or content unrelated to the ghostFam blog.

The email is sent directly from the ghost CMS that ghostFam is using. ghostFam does not extract your email to external storage or other email system. Every email that ghostFam collects is stored in the ghost's data to ensure safety or information leakage.

All the information that ghostFam collects using Cloudflare Analytics and Umami are anonymous and you can rest assured of your privacy.

Cookies require a member's login to determine whether you are logged in or out of the website. Cookies only store your information and delete themselves after a short time if you do not visit ghostFam.

For comment sytem, we embed Hyvor Talk on the website. If you create an account for commenting, your data is stored in the Hyvor Talk database, not in the ghostFam database. Hyvor Talk dashboard allows you to delete all data, including permanent accounts and specific comments. The server for Hyvor Talk is located in France.

How we share data

ghostFam hosts servers in Vultr VPS with servers in Los Angeles.

ghostFam is not affiliated with any 3rd parties for automatic sharing of member data.

You can revoke your consent to receive emails from ghostFam anytime you want by logging into your account and turning off your consent to receive emails directly on ghostFam's Portal.

When you turn off receiving emails, you will never receive emails from ghostFam again.

You can also turn on receiving emails again at any time at your account portal.


Any questions you can contact via email